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St. Louis County Historical Society’s Traveling Exhibit Program 


The St. Louis County Historical Society offers a variety of traveling exhibits to any interested business or organization.  Click on the links below to view our traveling exhibit brochure and application.













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Return to the River

This exhibit was developed and produced by the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act through NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, in cooperation with Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program.  St. Louis County’s history – social, political and economic, as well as environmental - is deeply rooted in the history of the St. Louis River.

It depicts the history of the St. Louis River and current and ongoing progress in restoring its water quality, as well as the history of the WLSSD.  The river is the second largest of Lake Superior’s tributaries and the largest American tributary. 

The exhibit covers early usage of the river by the native Ojibwe people, industrial use of the lower and middle sections and its resulting pollution, and the clean-up efforts made possible by various increments of environmental legislation beginning in 1948.

The exhibit is constructed with 10 hinged wooden panels, each 72” x 24”, totaling 21 linear feet (with hardware). It includes three acrylic boxes highlighting the return of the sturgeon, graphic illustrations of earlier fish kills caused by the sludge of industrial dumping, and simply steps that anyone can take to avoid polluting the river and Lake Superior. 

It is suitable for educating all ages.  Set-up and take-down instructions will be provided to anyone requesting a loan of the exhibit.

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To reserve this exhibit, contact 218-733-7586 or susan@thehistorypeople.org

2016 Mike Colalillo Medal of Honor Scholarship

Veterans’ Memorial Hall, a program of St. Louis County Historical Society, annually awards a scholarship in memory of Mike Colalillo, who was the last known surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient in the state of Minnesota.  To learn more about Mike Colalillo’s military service, visit our website at http://www.vets-hall.org/stories/world-war-ii/mike-colalillo. 


The scholarship is funded by the Mike Colalillo Medal of Honor Scholarship Fund, which is fiscally administered by the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.  To make a donation to the scholarship fund, make your check payable to the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.  Please specify that the funds are designated for the Mike Colalillo Scholarship Fund, and mail to: Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, 222 East Superior Street, Suite 302, Duluth, MN, 55802.  Online donations may be made at http://www.dsacommunityfoundation.com/mike-colalillo-medal-of-honor-scholarship-fund.



Society Internship Program


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County History

The information below was provided by Patricia Maus, Curator of the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center.
If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Pat at pmaus@d.umn.edu or 218-726-8526.
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Timeline Part 1
Timeline Part 2
Timeline Part 3
County History 1
County History 2
County History 3A
County History 3B
County History 4

Genealogical Resources 

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Veterans' Memorial Hall Educational Resources 


125 Field Artillery: http://www.vets-hall.org/125th-field-artillery-history              


Duluth Naval Reserve History: http://www.vets-hall.org/uss-paducah     


Duluth's First Memorial Day (1920): http://www.vets-hall.org/duluths-first-memorial-day-0                     


Contact Staff:  http://www.vets-hall.org/about/contact



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